5 Tips to Surviving Summer Festivals

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5 Tips to Surviving Summer Festivals

No, you're not hallucinating. We have a festival survival guide and you might have just found the answer to all of your Coachella, Bottle Rock or Stagecoach woes.  

When it comes to festivals, we always recommend staying calm, cool and collected, and coming prepared. Otherwise, your phone might take a one-way trip to Brokenville. 

Let's face it — cracking your phone on night one isn't the way to live it up, especially when you're trying to be a low-key festival fan and vibe out all weekend at your favorite music festival. Just ask our community manager, who after a long, strange weekend is back in the office. 

Listen, we might be biased, but we think we have the best summer festival tips on the web and it’s about time you get the inside (Açaí) scoop. From Coachella to the DoLab, to Lightning in a Bottle and beyond, here are our tips for surviving summer festivals - with the delicious powers of Açaí fueling your fire. 

sara serving acai

You’re tired and this is no time for quitting 

You’re wandering around between stages in a daze, physically and mentally drained. Your whole body is crying out for the sweet mercy of an electric spray fan and something to fuel you for your next favorite music artist. 

As you float through the festival grounds, your mind detaches from the physical world, your only concern is finding a cool tent to relax in and a refreshing beverage that won't make you sleepy.  An oasis looms on the horizon. Is that the canopy of the Amazon rainforest?

Not quite, but close...

It’s the SAMBAZON's team to the rescue.

We hand you an Amazon Açaí energy drink, the boost you need to recover from a long day, or the power to keep you going strong in your pursuit of the main stage.  

Go ahead, take a sip. Fire up, young warrior. And get back out there to enjoy some tunes.

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What's the deal with all these convenient meals? 

What's that? You’re skipping lunch altogether and attempting to live off pure vibes for another day? That's an equation for an early end to your favorite musical set because of a grumbling belly in search of sustenance. 

 It’s no secret that the world of convenient meals has gotten out of hand. We don't suggest grabbing a hot dog, burger, or slice of pizza covered in mystery cheese, but if you do, we hope you remembered to remove the plastic packaging before devouring a meal that's sure to make you feel sluggish.

But there is a solution — or should we say “alternative” — that can make your life exponentially less weird, your stomach not filled with greasy carbs, and not to mention that it's better for the planet. The answer? Ready-to-Eat Açaí Bowls: they’re not just a snack. 

Whether you're looking for a quick Amazon Superberry boost in the morning, or to refuel with our high power Peanut Butter Protein at midnight on the way to the final set, Açaí is the all day meal option you won't regret an hour later. Plus, our delicious Ready-to-Eat come with your favorite toppings like granola or coconut flakes depending on the flavor, so you get sweet delicious fruit along with the perfect crunch.

Find a Ready-To-Eat bowl that fits your body, tastes buds, schedule, and well, lineup schedule. 

world centric

Leave no trace 

It’s your duty as a festival-goer to leave your site with no trash. Avoid the endless plastic water bottles by bringing your own reusable option. Carry a reusable set of utensils so you can set an example for other attendees on and off-site and leave behind no trace. 

Don’t worry, we keep compostable spoons from our friends at World Centric on hand for those of you who can’t justify spending more on festival merch! Joking. But for real, we love a good plant-based moment.

cris serving acai

Cool down with our Pops 

No, not our dad. I mean.. unless?  

With two hydrating flavors including our award-winning Açaí Blueberry, the perfect mix of electrolytes and antioxidants, we’d be silly not to shamelessly promote our favorite chill treat: Açaí Smoothie Pops. Our marketing team hands these things out like they’re popsicles (well duh, because they are) at a festival, so don't miss our tent on your next adventure into the desert.  

 Take it slow or eat a whole box, we promise we’ve seen it all when it comes to this delicious frozen fruit.    

plurple love

Share the PLUR-ple Love 

You know what they say - peace, love, unity, respect, and what better way to do that than with your fest friends, old and new! If you haven’t tried making friends with Açaí, share the purple love with those around you. 

Sara Bradbury

Community Marketing Specialist

Sara Bradbury is the Community Marketing Specialist at SAMBAZON. She is deeply passionate about social change, equity crowdfunding and volunteerism. Her focus is to empower organizations to reach their full potential through strategic and focused marketing, while maintaining strong, organic growth in traffic and conversions.

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