Shifting Seasons: Ways to Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

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Shifting Seasons: Ways to Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

As fall settles into its seasoned routine, it brings with it falling leaves, cooler weather, and shorter days. But, daylight saving time is often met with resistance: the March and November time changes create a feeling of drastic seasonal shift. Coming home from work in the dark, or a slower-than-expected adjustment of our internal time clocks can lead to a general aura of confusion, with the repetition as the sun sets of the question "Is it really only 5 PM?"  

Many are adamantly against "falling back" as it brings an unreasonably early sunset, while others enjoy that the sun rises at an early hour so they can get their day started with natural sunshine. Whether you're team full steam ahead to the seasonal change or turn this train around, we have several suggestions on how you can adjust to having fewer hours of daylight to fit in all you need to do in your busy schedule.  

Don't let one Sunday in November get you down, turn that frown into a purple smile, and let the Delicious Powers of Açaí fuel you as you face the fast-approaching winter. Before we dive into those daylight-savoring and nighttime-maximizing tips, we'll give you a bit of the backstory of this setting our clocks back. 

What is Daylight Saving Time? 

The buzz around Daylight Saving Time from the potential of no longer dealing with the bothersome, twice-yearly clock switching has increased due to the consideration of at least 450 bills and resolutions by state legislatures in recent years. The current federal policy was enacted in 1966, as the Uniform Time Act, but the United States had daylight saving time as early as 1918.  

The debate around establishing year-round daylight saving time is whether to enact either permanent standard time or permanent daylight time. According to a poll done by CBS News in March 2022, 46% of U.S. residents preferred daylight saving time all year round, while 33% preferred standard time year-round. 21% were okay with switching their clocks twice a year.  

The Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 was based on the Senate with unanimous consent on March 15th. This bill would move forward standard time by one-hour beginning in November 2023 if signed by the House and the president. States that have previously chosen to move year-round daylight time with legislation or voter approval could make that change and states that currently remain on standard time year-round could continue. 

What do you prefer: daylight saving time or standard time? Share with us in the comments below. 

Our Tips for Falling Back 

make acai bowl in the morning

1. Kickstart your Day with the Right Meal 

What you fuel yourself with for the day ahead will have an impact on how you approach the people, tasks, and situations that you may cross paths with. We always recommend starting your day on a good note with SAMBAZON Açaí. If you're looking for a meal that is delicious, will keep you feeling full for several hours, and easy way to reap the benefits of a very powerful purple berry, you've come to the right place.  

Not to mention, our Açaí is fair trade, organically grown, ethically sourced, and nutritious—so you can feel good knowing that what you put in your body is not only good for you but good for the world around you. If you have a bit more time on your hands, get crafty in the kitchen with our Original Superfruit Packs and one of our many Açaí Bowl Recipes. Or, if you're out the door and on the road within a strict timeline, our Ready-to-Eat Açaí Bowls may be more your style.  

rise with the sun

2. Rise with the Sun

With less hours to spend in the daylight after work, you might want to consider waking up earlier as we head into winter to enjoy more hours of sunshine. A leisurely stroll to your favorite coffee shop (don’t forget your reusable cup!), a dawn patrol at the beach, or even some time spent meditating in the sunshine each morning is a great solution to still get in some daily outdoor activity. Your eyes use light to set your body’s internal clock, so waking up with exposure to sunlight can help set your body on the right path for the day ahead. 

energy drink with rob

3. Power up with SAMBAZON Energy Drinks

If you're still looking for that extra boost to help you power through a tough workout, a long work day, or an even longer holiday weekend, we have the perfect solution: SAMBAZON Açaí Energy Drinks. These delectable beverages are fueled by yerba mate, green tea, and guaraná, and each serving packs as much caffeine as 2 shots of espresso! They also make great mixers for fun holiday cocktails, and we have many drink recipes you can explore and tailor to your taste buds. 

early morning workout

4. Get an early workout in

While this is sometimes the last thing people want to hear, getting outside and enjoying some physical activity first thing in the morning will help set you up for success. Those early daylight hours will help your body adjust to the seasonal shift and keep you from feeling tired or sleepy throughout the rest of your day. Working out has also been shown to help people get more quality sleep the following night as it decreases sleep complaints and insomnia (John Hopkins Medicine). 

No matter how you tackle the seasonal time shifts, SAMBAZON will help you power through this difficult transition with the Delicious Powers of Açaí. Share with us in the comments below your favorite tip for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time. 

Kirra Bixby

Kirra Bixby is the Omni-Channel Marketing Manager at SAMBAZON and has been working in digital marketing for 7 years. Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism at the University of San Diego has provided her with a wealth of writing experience for different platforms and publications. Kirra is a lover of the outdoors, adventure, and all things Açaí, and enjoys sharing her perspective through digital media.

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