We are honored to have Hawaiian Surfing Legend Coco Ho as a part of our SAMBASSADOR team. At 17, Coco Ho was the youngest woman to qualify for the World Surf League Women’s World Tour. She advocates for living a healthy lifestyle, from her workout regimen to the food that she eats, and Açaí from SAMBAZON is a key ingredient for Coco in this wholistic philosophy.

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  • Fuel Your Passion with Açaí

    Experience a day in the life of Coco Ho as she surfs, plays and enjoys Açaí on the North Shore of Oahu.

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  • How to Blend an Açaí Bowl

    Learn how to create a thick and creamy Açaí Bowl that's as delicious as it is nutritious with Coco Ho & Earthy Andy.

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  • COCO: Episode 1

    Follow part one of a four-part documentary series from the WSL, exploring Coco Ho's road of self-discovery.

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  • Get to Know Coco Ho

    We are honored to have Hawaiian Surfing Legend Coco Ho as a part of our SAMBASSADOR team. Learn more about Coco and what fuels her to live her life in the water.

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  • Meet the SAMBASSADOR's: Athlete Edition

    Our SAMBASSADOR Athletes excel at the sports that their lives revolve around, and use the fuel that SAMBAZON provides them with to crush their competitions.

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  • Fuel for a Busy Morning: Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls

    Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast to fuel your busy morning, or a nutritional post-workout meal to help you power through the rest of your day, our Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls will do the trick.

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