How to Upcycle your Sambazon Ready-to-Eat Bowls

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How to Upcycle your Sambazon Ready-to-Eat Bowls

Get the best of both worlds when you enjoy Ready to Eat Bowls from SAMBAZON with both a delicious, fueling meal and a fun way to kick off your home garden. Did you know the SAMBAZON Ready-to-Eat Bowls container is planet-friendly? The bowl is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified plant-fibers, and is recyclable for packaging that’s more planet-friendly, and also PFAS Free. Read on for Manuela of @thegirlgonegreen’s tips on how to use SAMBAZON’s Ready to Eat Bowl containers as a garden starter. 

Why @thegirlgonegreen loves Ready to Eat Bowls 

These bowls are perfect for when you need a quick and nutritious snack throughout the day. If you’re in a rush simply pop one of the bowls into the microwave for 15 seconds or let it thaw out for 15 minutes and enjoy. Not only is SAMBAZON Açaí Certified Fair Trade and Organic but the Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls are made from plant-fibers materials making them entirely recyclable. Refreshing, delicious taste that’s still good for you and the environment.  

How to Start your Garden with SAMBAZON x @thegirlgonegreen 

After enjoying the Delicious Powers of Açaí, you can use your leftover bowl as seed starters this spring for your summer garden. Getting to watch your plant grow from a seed is a joy and an inexpensive way to start a garden. Keeping seedlings indoors also helps protect your plants from cold unexpected weather.  

Step 1: 

seed starter mix

You’ll need seed starting soil mix like this one that drains well. Once you are finished with your SAMBAZON Ready to Eat bowl rinse clean and add the moist soil mix. 

Step 2: 

seed and soil mix

Choose seeds that fit your climate. First, you need to learn your Grow Zone. Check out this map to find yours: once you learn what zone you live in, you’ll be able to learn what plants will thrive in your area.  

Step 3: 

seed in soil

Add selected seeds to a Ready to Eat Bowl about 1/4 inch deep into the soil or follow the instructions on your seed packet.  

Step 4: 

water the seeds

Water seeds in the bowl. Seedlings need lots of water, sunlight, and warmth. Keep plants in a sunny location like a windowsill. Water your plants when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch.  

Once your seedlings grow tall and strong and the weather warms up you can transfer your seedlings from the Ready to Eat Bowls to an outdoor garden if you have one. You can start more seedlings the more you enjoy the Delicious Powers of SAMBAZON! 

Happy gardening! 

~ Manuela Barón 

Ways to be more Eco-Friendly in your Everyday Life 

Eating more plant-based foods, especially with Fair Trade and Organic certifications, is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly. SAMBAZON is paving the way in sustainable packaging. In 2018, we joined the OneStepCloser Packaging Collaborative (OSC) with the goal to remove petroleum-based plastics from landfills, oceans, and our planet. One of the Packaging Collaborative’s key initiatives is to help brands transition into compostable Flexible Films. Through this collaborative network, we are pioneering, testing, and trialing viable plant-based alternatives for Frozen flexible films.  We offer delicious, organic, Fair-Trade-certified Açaí products and are committed to achieving plant-based and post-consumer recycled packaging for all US retail products by 2025.  

Learn more about companies making a difference with their triple bottom lines like SAMBAZON through our film, Seeding Change. Share how you’re embracing eco-friendly changes in your personal life in the comments below. 

Manuela Barón

Eco-Friendly Artist

Manuela Barón is Colombian-American Artist shining light on environmental issues world-wide. Follow her journey on The Girl Gone Green, a platform to educate and bring awareness on eco-issues & solutions.

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