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Sambazon Acai Bowl

Jamie Rockers aka Beauty Rocks Blog, London-based self-care queen with a passion for food, fashion, travel, wellness and beauty talks to us on how she got her glow back postpartum:

The months following birth aren’t always easy. Your body is going through so many adjustments and hormone re-balancing so it’s easy to feel exhausted, achy and not yourself. On top of that there’s not much rest when you have a newborn baby so when you need the rest the most, it’s unfortunately going to be hard to get it. So how to get your glow back postpartum from the inside out? Well – it has a lot to do with nutrition (hint hint: açaí + collagen are the dream team in this case)!

Speaking from my own experience, I had such a lovely pregnancy and kept myself really healthy – I took all the right supplements and had daily smoothies to make sure I was getting the right nutrition. I went on long walks and did gentle exercise. Overall, I felt really good.

Now let’s fast forward to 3 months after birth. Recovery after birth comes in all shapes and sizes but for me was particularly hard after an arduous labour. It’s a shock to the system – both physically and mentally so all I could think about for those first few weeks is…when I would go back to feeling like my vibrant, healthy self?

Well, first of all we have to think of nutrition because well…that is EVERYTHING. I truly believe that you are what you eat – it’s very hard to feel vibrant and full of energy if what you are taking in doesn’t reflect that. One thing that made me feel really great and gave me a noticeable improvement on my energy levels was my daily smoothies before and during pregnancy.

To really heal after birth, what I needed was a super-powered, high nutrition smoothie that would help me power through my day – all while juggling a newborn and my work as a self-employed working mum. The magic ingredient for that postpartum glow up? SAMBAZON Açaí.

Açaí is one of those berries that is so packed with goodness – you really need it in your smoothies and it’s perfect for a postpartum glow up. Açaí is thought to be the most powerful superfood in the Amazon and it’s full of anthocyanins that tackle free radicals which obviously help boost your immune system. Antioxidants are good for everything and they also give you that glow from within so great for your skin as well! My skin really glows when I’m eating healthy and living a kinder lifestyle – one that benefits both my body and mind.

Açaí also supports heart health, brain function, and healthy skin and hair with a fatty acid profile (Omega 3, 6 & 9) similar to that of olive oil, walnuts, and fish – something I didn’t know! Most people know about postpartum hair loss, and it can take a real toll – so adding an ingredient like açaí into your smoothies and bowls can really help support you from the inside out. Seeing your own hair fall out isn’t particularly nice but there are ways to support postpartum hair loss and again that’s with nutrition and taking supplements like collagen (which I will talk about in a minute).

So where do you find an ingredient like SAMBAZON açaí in the UK? Well, the first place you would think of is Whole-Foods. I’ve been using the SAMBAZON Original Blend Frozen Açaí Packets and Pure Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Packets in my smoothie bowls because they are so easy to use and I love them as they are organic and fair trade (also available online at Ocado).  Having a newborn means I don’t always have a lot of time but making smoothie bowls really makes me feel like I’m doing my body good, and it also doesn’t take a lot of time.

A smoothie bowl can be a complete meal, use frozen bananas and avocados in yours for a super creamy texture. For my smoothie bowl I like to use:

Jamie's Recipe


  1. Take 2 x sachets of SAMBAZON Original Blend Frozen Acai from the freezer
  2. Run each açaí sachet under a warm tap, for just a couple of seconds to allow acai to loosen
  3. Snap each açaí sachet in half and add to your blender
  4. Add frozen avocado, banana and kale
  5. Blend and add your desired amount of liquid for your prefurred consistancy - less is more here!
  6. Enjoy your açaí smoothie bowl

For toppings I love to use peanut butter, coconut shavings and/or granola to make it a complete and filling meal.

For smoothies (and a more liquid consistency) you just need 1 sachet of frozen SAMBAZON Açaí – for a creamier consistency I would also use frozen fruit. Feel free to mix and match with other fruits/veggies as well – pineapple, blueberries, spinach, and cherries work well too. You can also add in things like chia seeds to boost your smoothie even more!.

I personally like to add in collagen powder to deal with the postpartum hair loss and further help and aid that postpartum glow up from within. I’ve been taking collagen diligently since after birth. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and after birth it can help the tissues that have been damaged and stretched to heal. I really believe it’s also helped my skin immensely to look plumper and fresher when I’m not getting as much sleep as I used to!

Of course, collagen also helps with postpartum hair loss and although I think mine is bad – I believe it would be a lot worse if I wasn’t taking collagen. Collagen helps to restore your hair back to its pre-pregnancy state by increasing the levels in the body, supporting it in creating the protein within your hair – keratin.

Collagen is found in your hair, skin, nails and muscles, so adding it into your smoothie is the perfect way to up your levels – I love the Higher Nature Collagen Powder for this as it come in a powder format and is so easy to add into your smoothie or açaí bowl routine.

So now you know my secret to how to get your glow back postpartum – let me know if you have any tips of your own!

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